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Indigenous Australia

Giving kids a life not life in prison
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy groups have called on the government to listen to First Peoples in order to address crisis levels of incarceration of their young people. In NSW, more than half the children in jail are Aboriginal. This costs $800 per child per day.  

Making Peace

Pope calls for immediate ceasefire in Syria
Pope Francis has called for an end to the conflict in Syria, pleading for an immediate ceasefire to allow the evacuation of civilians, especially children.  

Convoluted discourse: was the women’s boat to Gaza an existential threat?
The Israeli official narrative regarding its conflict with the Palestinians is deliberately confounded because a muddled up discourse is a convenient one. It allows the narrator to pick and choose half-truths at will, in order to create a falsified version of reality, writes Ramzy Baroud for the Palestine Chronicle.  

Shia-Sunni joint Eid prayer fosters peace
In what’s been hailed as a landmark achievement, a few hundred Shia and Sunni Muslims offered their Eid al-Adha prayers together after which they met with local Hindu, Sikh and Christians.  

Military to be used against NZ peace flotilla
The government has indicated it plans to deploy the New Zealand military against a peaceful flotilla opposing the entry of warships into Auckland Harbour in November.  


Ecocide law could criminalise reef destruction
Last year I sat in the offices of one of the judges of the International Criminal Court and, with NGOs, we spoke about the possibility of ecocide law becoming an international crime against humanity, writes Bronwyn Lay for Eureka Street.  

On our doorstep: climate change in the Pacific
Over the past 12 months the Pacific has been hit by multiple big weather events, supercharged by El Niño. This has affected approximately five million people across 13 countries, leading to food and water shortages, malnutrition and death.  

The Political Community

Debates of loathing: Clinton and Trump at Hofstra
It really doesn’t matter that these two creatures loathed and feared in varying degrees should even be conducting a debate. What, after all, is there to dispute? Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump inhabit worlds of the disparately dislikeable, and reaped the bounty of the US with varying degrees of ruthlessness.  

Understanding Pauline
So much has been said about Pauline Hanson, so much has been said by her, and so little of it has been productive. But, I’ve decided to weigh in because I come from Hanson country: working class, socially conservative, racist, homophobic, xenophobic Australia, writes Nelly Thomas for New Matilda.  

Human Rights

Pacific leaders raise West Papua at the UN
Leaders of six Pacific Island nations have highlighted concern about West Papua while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly.  

Peaceful expression criminalised in Malaysia
Rights group says Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government is tightening the noose on anyone expressing political discontent.  

Protesters demonstrate outside new H&M Auckland store
Protester and university student Julie Cleaver told ONE News that they "want to educate people that H&M's practices aren't aligned with New Zealand values".  

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Swift response to refugee crisis rests on Obama summit after UN talks fail
For leaders to speak at the Obama summit, they will have to make substantial new pledges to either take in more refugees, do more to help those who have already arrived or give much greater assistance to host countries in the developing world, where 86 percent of the world’s refugees live.  

See also

Helping farmers improve their livelihood
This video by the Poverty-Environment Initiative looks at efforts in Myanmar to work with small-holder farmers and help them with tools to promote more efficient farming, which in turn improves their livelihood.
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Charity and justice – either side of a coin
This short video explains the difference between charity and justice and why society needs both.
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Prayer for our earth
…from Laudato Si’  

Book: The Intervention: an Anthology
In this historic anthology, award-winning writers Rosie Scott and Dr Anita Heiss have gathered together the work of twenty of Australian’s finest writers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous together with powerful statements from Northern Territory Elders to bring a new dimension and urgency to an issue that has remained largely outside the public radar.

To order go to

A smarter, more humane approach to crime that saves lives and builds safer communities.
Australia’s First Peoples are dramatically over-represented in prison statistics. ANTaR is campaigning to change this unacceptable situation and to end Aboriginal deaths in custody. Join us!  

Getting to know Catholic Social Teaching
For many years people have said that Catholic Social Teaching is our best kept secret, but I don’t think this is true anymore, writes Sandie Cornish.  



Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Major International Catholic Social Teaching Documents

Key Principles

Human Dignity
Each person, made in the image and likeness of God, has an inalienable and transcendent human dignity which gives rise to human rights.

The Common Good
We are called to work for conditions which ensure that every person and group in society is able to meet their needs and realize their potential.

The people or groups most directly affected by a decision or policy should have a key decision making role.

We can only grow and achieve our potential in relationship with others. Solidarity encourages us to commit ourselves to the common good.