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Ambae evacuees to receive help from government

05 June 2018 |

Plans to support people on Vanuatu's Ambae who want to relocate to the nearby island of Maewo are being finalised. Ambae's volcano has been erupting since September, but activity increased in April with ash and acid rain ruining crops and contaminating water supplies.

Kafka comes to Nauru

05 June 2018 | Harold Zwier

Befriend a Child in Detention started in 2014 to support refugee and asylum seeker children in detention, by sending them donated new books, writing material and toys. Letters from Australian school children are also placed inside the books we send, as a way of providing something more personal than a plain gift.

Justice system 'failing' young indigenous Australians

05 June 2018 | Kathryn Kernohan

Jesuit Social Services is calling on the federal government to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14 to better address the needs of vulnerable children. A new report says Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are just five percent of the population but on an average day in 2016-17, represent half those under supervision. 

The cases of murdered Aboriginal people need to be heard

05 June 2018 | Amy McQuire

In 1988, Aboriginal teenager Mark Haines was found on the train tracks in Tamworth, northern NSW. Immediately, the police thought it was a suicide. That was despite the family knowing that it was “out of character”, and despite the testimony of the train driver who found him, a railway investigator who saw that there was little blood, and a towel folded neatly under his head.

Reconciliation the new safe word

05 June 2018 | Daniel James

National Reconciliation Week has just finished. It’s a week that is becoming more and more dubious in the eyes of many. The week is bookended by two nationally significant dates, 27 May the date of the successful 1967 Referendum and June 3 when we celebrate the historic High Court decision that overturned the lie that is Terra Nullius, known as the Mabo decision.


Vatican blasts inequality – greed

05 June 2018 | Bruce Duncan

The Vatican has launched a stringent critique of widespread abuses in global economies, which are driving astonishing degrees of inequality, threatening ecological sustainability, and unleashing powerful reactionary political forces in response, as seen in parts of Europe and elsewhere.

Microfinance for women doesn't cut inequality

05 June 2018 | Sara Niner

Giving small loans to people for small household purchases or to invest in businesses has been an integral part of AustralianAmerican and other aid programs for decades. This is called “microfinance”, and theaim is not only to alleviate poverty, but to empower women.

Australians favour conservation, curbs on coal

05 June 2018 | Peter Hannam

Most Australians think climate change is real, about two-thirds view themselves as environmentalists "at heart", and just over half say the government should not allow new coal mines in the country, according data gathered by WWF and Roy Morgan.

Goldrush of mining applications before NZ law change

05 June 2018 | Farah Hancock

While a proposed ban on new mines on New Zealand conservation land lumbers through a public consultation process, there has been a rush of mining applications, writes Farah Hancock for Newsroom.

Carbon sinks for kitchens and bathrooms

05 June 2018 | Bernard Hickey

New Zealand faces two challenges: reducing carbon emissions and creating a circular economy. To play its part, ecostore is creating tiny carbon sinks with its plastic bottles made from sugar cane. Bernard Hickey reports for Newsroom on World Environment Day.

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