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Microfinance for women doesn't cut inequality

05 June 2018 | Sara Niner

Giving small loans to people for small household purchases or to invest in businesses has been an integral part of AustralianAmerican and other aid programs for decades. This is called “microfinance”, and theaim is not only to alleviate poverty, but to empower women.

Timor-Leste water and food programs

09 May 2018 | Siktus Harson and Thomas Ora

Access to clean water and sanitation is difficult for many Timorese, particularly for those living in rural areas. To help address this, Jesuit Social Service (JSS) have built ten water towers that benefit more than 2,000 people.

Powering remote Pacific communities with renewable innovations

31 March 2018 | Caritas

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand looks for longer term solutions to the ongoing issue of the devastation wrought on small Pacific nations every cyclone season. Caritas is funding solar powered solutions to the intermittent power supply. 

Mobile clinic narrows healthcare gap in Timor

30 March 2018 | Siktus Harson

Jesuit priest travels to hamlets on hillocks, serves as a band-aid for state's medical woes. Mountainous terrain, inadequate modes of transportation and shortages of medical personnel and facilities have all combined to hamper efforts in Timor-Leste to provide local people with adequate healthcare.

English helps sow the winds of change in Myanmar

29 September 2017 | John Zaw

If the values of the students in Maryknoll Father James Kofski's English language classes are typical, the future of Myanmar looks bright. The La Salle English Center, where Father Kofski teaches, challenges its students to develop critical thinking — an essential skill in Myanmar's emerging democracy.

Aussie bishops ahead of the curve on “grayby” boom

29 September 2017 | John L. Allen Jr.

We see a growing trend, that’s probably only at the beginning, of elder homelessness, for instance. It’s often a real plight for older people having to set up their own situations, without help from their families, leaving themselves exposed to not being able to come up with the resources to care for themselves.

HILDA report highlights financial abuse

30 August 2017 | David Taylor

Welfare experts are raising concerns about rising levels of financial abuse among couples in the wake of a national survey showing Australians are suffering from increasing levels of financial stress.

A toxic mix of low wages and fast rising rents

30 August 2017 | Bernard Hickey

Two reports released within 24 hours of each other, in the last week of July, neatly summarise the state of New Zealand right now.

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