12 December 2018
The Australian Jesuits

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Faith Doing Justice: July 2018

 |  29 June 2018

This month's digest takes in NAIDOC week, cuts to support for asylum seekers, and more. 

Juru may halt Adani mine
Traditional owners have applied for a 'stop order' that may force Adani to cease work in the vicinity of its Abbot Point coal terminal, reports Ben Smee for The Guardian Australia

More: Petition to stop Adani sucking water from drought-stricken Queensland


Preventing a Partisan Court from Getting Worse
Justice isn't served by partisanship in the judiciary. E. J. Dionne Jr. writes in Commonweal that there should be no rush to confirm Trump's nominated candidate to the Supreme Court. 


Israel's Shoot-to-Cripple Policy in Gaza
The international community is standing by while children have been 'disabled for life' by Israeli snipers' use of high velocity dum-dum rounds on civilians, writes Stuart Littlewood in the American Herald-Tribune. 


Why are so many Indigenous children in detention?
SBS' The Feed takes a look at the numbers of children in detention in the Northern Territory, and asks why more isn't being done. 

'The problem is also much deeper, and points to endemic issues with removing Indigenous children from their families and communities and placing them in coercive environments and with non-Indigenous families.'


New coal-fired stations still on
The Prime Minister has refused to rule out the possibility of new coal-fired power stations, after endorsing a move by One Nation in the Senate in this report from The Guardian Australia


Cuts to services for asylum seekers
The Australian federal government has informed civil society organisations that it will cut over a thousand people seeking asylum off vital support services provided through the Status Resolution Support Program (SRSS) from the end of July.


US bishops at Mexico border amid separation
US Bishops will head to the United States border with Mexico, as the separation of children from parents who try to enter the country illegally remains in the spotlight, writes Brian Roewe for the National Catholic Reporter. 


Pope challenges economics, globalisation
Bruce Duncan explores the challenges that Pope Francis presents to financial and transnational corporations and powerful special interests. 

It's NAIDOC Week
Celebrating the history, culture and achievements of the oldest continuous inhabitants on Earth.