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From the editor

The opening sentence of the Vatican II document Gaudium et Spes (the Church in the Modern World) encapsulated the radical about-turn the Catholic Church embraced under the vision of John XXIII who opened the Second Vatican Council nearly 50 years ago. Pope John died after the first session but his vision lives on in such examples as Faith Doing Justice aims to bring to the Internet.  

Cecily McNeill

Quote of the month

“Because God is the creator, redeemer, lover of the world, God’s own honour is at stake in human happiness. Wherever human beings are violated, diminished, or have their life drained away, God’s glory is dimmed and dishonored.  Wherever human beings are quickened to fuller and richer life, God’s glory is enhanced.  A community of justice and peace (thriving among human beings) and God’s glory increase in direct and not inverse proportion.”

-- Elizabeth Johnson CSJ, She Who Is, 14

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