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The Political Community

Congratulations, President-elect Donald Trump. Defying the pollsters, you won a narrow victory. As president-elect, you must begin to heal the wounds of a divisive campaign for which you bear heavy responsibility, writes Alec Mikulich for National Catholic Reporter.  

Trust or bust after shattering US election campaign
The US election, to no one's regret, is now over. It remains to wish Donald Trump well as he prepares to take up the office of president. It is tempting to see Hillary Clinton as Humpty Dumpty and ask how she can pick up the pieces of her life, when tarnished and wearied by a campaign so full of personal abuse, revelations of tawdry behaviour and a lack of grace. Yet it is not Clinton that lies broken at the foot of the wall. It is the polity of the US, shown to be bereft of the trust necessary for national wellbeing, writes Andrew Hamilton for Eureka Street.  

Repealing affordable care act could be more complicated than it looks
After six controversial years, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, may be on the way out, thanks to the GOP sweep of the presidency and both houses of Congress last week.  

Pope will look at how Trump policies affect the poor
When asked for his opinion on President-elect Trump, the Pontiff said: “I don’t judge people and politicians, I simply want to understand what kinds of suffering they cause to the poor and the excluded through their way of doing things.”  

Indigenous Australia

Lifesaving indigenous hotline to go national
NSW hotline widely credited with preventing Indigenous deaths in police custody will be rolled out nationwide - but it should not have taken this long, writes Alex McKinnon.
Amid last week’s headline clashes about guns, smashed avocado and Abbott vs. Turnbull Redux, a small, vital piece of news that came out of Canberra didn’t get the attention it deserved. On Friday, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion announced that a NSW hotline widely credited with preventing Indigenous deaths in police custody will be rolled out nationwide.  

The road to a treaty
Our nation’s future lies in settling the demons of our past. A Treaty with Australia’s First Peoples is the best path to get us there, writes Jeff McMullen for New Matilda.  

New opportunities in return of land for Cape York owners
The handback of 37,000 hectares of land in Cape York to the Balnggarr, Muundhi and Magarmagar peoples will help traditional owners create new cultural and economic development opportunities.  

Refugees and Migrants

Welcoming the Manus US deal
The government has struck a deal with the USA which provides hope at last for the 1600 proven refugees on Manus and Nauru. There's still a lot of work to be done before these refugees can get on with their lives after three years of hopeless agony. Gone are the days of presuming that those who arrive without visas are in direct flight from persecution. Gone are the days when they get first option on the available humanitarian places. I welcome the government's decision, and await the detail, writes Frank Brennan for Eureka Street.  

Human Rights

Renewed attacks on Myanmar’s Rakhine
Three thousand Buddhist Rakhine are believed to have fled their homes after a series of attacks on the border police in Maungdaw township, a predominantly Muslim area on Myanmar's northwestern border where the majority of the population belong to the stateless Rohingya minority.  

Philippines church faces religious persecution
Religious persecution is being experienced in the Philippines despite it being a predominantly Christian country, according to the head of the bishops’ conference. "Persecution is not limited to violence," conference president Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan said. "Bashing in social media where truth is made to appear as a lie and a lie appears to be true is another form of persecution."  

Record numbers sleeping rough in Melbourne
John King, 48, is one of the new faces living tough on Melbourne's streets; one of a surging number of worn out people sleeping rough, sheltering in squats or parks.  

From the editor

The world was lulled into false security by polls that put Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in the American election campaign so the shock waves when middle America gave Trump the White House reverberated far and wide. But some commentators had predicted this result. In July, documentary film maker Michael Moore gave five reasons why Trump would win. He warned people to exit the bubble and get in touch with the reality that Trump was likely to be the way voters would choose to show their discontent with the rot at the centre of Washington. 

Cecily McNeill

Quote of the month

“We need to knock down the walls that divide us, try to boost wellbeing and make it more widespread, but in order to achieve this we need to knock down walls and build bridges that can lessen inequality and boost freedom and rights."

Pope Francis in an interview for La Repubblica the day before the US election.

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