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Indigenous Australia

Elijah sentence deflates community
As the news came through on Friday that the man who had run down young Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie last year had escaped a manslaughter conviction and instead had been sentenced to three years for the charge of reckless driving causing death, I saw Aboriginal community members dissolve, writes Celeste Liddle in Eureka Street. 

Walking Australia for indigenous justice
For the past 50 years our people have been fighting for rights, but it’s like it has just gone down the drain too many times. So, I decided to go for a big massive walk across the country to find the truth of what’s going on. What I’ve seen and experienced this way is that our people are living in developing world conditions. 

Pale, male and stale: sexism in the alcohol industry
If you want to know how to really show disdain for women, then look to the global alcohol industry, writes Chris Graham for New Matilda. 


NZ Pure wants to send millions of litres of pure Waikato water offshore
Millions of litres of crystal clear spring water could be bottled and shipped overseas in a proposal backed by the local council. NZ Pure Blue Springs Limited wants to take from Putaruru's Blue Spring in the Waihou River more than the amount of water currently being pulled from the Waikato for bottling. 

The war for water: a battle at boiling point
It was the summer of 1983 when Poroti Springs first ran dry. The watercress stopped growing, the eels disappeared and the koura died, unable to survive as their habitat turned to dust, writes Kirsty Johnston for NZ Herald. 

A third of turtles found dead on NZ beaches had ingested plastic
A third of turtles found dead on New Zealand beaches have swallowed plastic, an expert says, and single-use shopping bags are the most common culprit.
Dan Godoy, of Massey University's Coastal-Marine Research Group, said the turtles' intestinal tract got blocked when they mistook soft plastics for jellyfish, resulting in "horrific" deaths.
"They can't digest food, and they basically slowly die," Godoy said. 

Luxury lodge’s water plan angers Northlanders
A luxury Northland resort's plan to take up to 60,000 litres of water a day from a local creek to irrigate its lawns has angered a nearby landowner and local Māori. 


HILDA report highlights financial abuse
Welfare experts are raising concerns about rising levels of financial abuse among couples in the wake of a national survey showing Australians are suffering from increasing levels of financial stress. 

A toxic mix of low wages and fast rising rents
Two reports released within 24 hours of each other, in the last week of July, neatly summarise the state of New Zealand right now. They showed the wealth of the richest sprinting ahead with property values, while the poorest are struggling with stubbornly low wages and fast-rising housing costs. Bernard Hickey reports on a tale of two New Zealands. 

The Political Community

The mess we are in: Trump trauma set up by Bush
United States public intellectual and foundation executive Colin Greer reminds us that former president George W. Bush created intense trauma for Americans before the current president Donald Trump arrived. 

Refugees and asylum seekers

2 million dollar boost for refugee classes
The NSW government has allocated $2.2 million to Catholic schools to help fund the provision of intensive English language classes for newly arrived refugee students from war-torn Syria and Iraq, reports Catholic Education Commission NSW. 

The bipartisan shame of refugee policy
What possessed Filippo Grandi, the relatively new United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to go public last week, having a go at Australia for our government’s treatment of unvisaed asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat? He repeated UNHCR’s demand that Australia terminate offshore processing of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island and that we not outsource our responsibilities to others, writes Frank Brennan for Eureka Street. 

Use It

The Edmund Rice Centre turns 21 this year
There’s a gala dinner to celebrate on September 8. More details here. 

From the editor

Many rural and coastal families depend on fishing and crops to provide a subsistence living. While there’s as yet no link between earthquakes and climate change, the evidence of human intervention in boosting the carbon in the atmosphere which leads to global warming is unequivocal. 

Cecily McNeill

Quote of the month

"Politics and the economy tend to blame each other when it comes to poverty and environmental degradation. It is to be hoped that they can acknowledge their own mistakes and find forms of interaction directed to the common good."

Pope Francis, Laudato Si' #198

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