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Israel's "shoot to cripple" policy in Gaza

29 June 2018 | Stuart Littlewood

Young Gazans are now facing mass lifelong disability as punishment for merely gathering in unarmed protest. A steadily increasing toll of secondary amputations is inevitable. They will also need intensive rehabilitation, but the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli bombing in 2014 and has not been re-built, writes Stuart Littlewood for American Herald Tribune.

Cuts to services for asylum seekers

29 June 2018 | Nishadh Rego

The Australian federal government has informed civil society organisations that it will cut over a thousand people seeking asylum off vital support services provided through the Status Resolution Support Program (SRSS) from the end of July.


It's NAIDOC week

29 June 2018 |

For at least 65,000 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have carried our dreaming stories, songlines, languages and knowledge that have kept our culture strong and enriched us as the oldest continuing culture on the planet. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were there at first contact. 

Juru may halt Adani mine

29 June 2018 | Ben Smee

Adani may be ordered to cease work in the vicinity of its Abbot Point coal terminal and planned rail corridor, after Juru traditional owners applied for a “stop order” to protect sacred sites, writes Ben Smee for Guardian Australia.

So many indigenous kids in NT detention

29 June 2018 | Thalia Anthony

The proportion of Indigenous children in penal detention centres in the NT is higher than in any other state or territory. The number of children in NT juvenile detention centres who are Indigenous has continued to climb in recent years, writes Thalia Anthony for SBS's The Feed

Checking a partisan court

29 June 2018 | E J Dionne Jr

The US constitutional system of checks and balances works only if those in a position to work the levers of checking and balancing do their job. It seems a Republican Congress and Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have no taste for such work leaving the president unchecked, writes E J Dionne Jr for Commonweal Magazine.

US bishops at Mexico border amid separation

29 June 2018 | Brian Roewe

A delegation of U.S. bishops will head to the nation's southern border Monday as national attention remains focused on the separation of immigrant families who have attempted to enter the country illegally, writes Brian Roewe for National Catholic Reporter.

Pope challenges economics, globalisation

29 June 2018 | Bruce Duncan

The Pope blames growing inequality and poverty in large part on major financial and transnational corporations and powerful special interests. These, he says, cloak their policies in an ideology that free markets will operate most efficiently with minimal regulation, thus giving little weight to moral issues of distribution or social consequences, writes Bruce Duncan for Social Policy Connections.

Civilisation beyond the con of neoliberalism

29 June 2018 | Andrew Hamilton

Denniss' most intriguing reason for not engaging with economic theory is that the interested parties have simply used it as a con in order to distract people from what is being done to them. It generates slogans like competition and small government, which, with the connivance of governments, corporations use to transfer resources to themselves at the expense of society, writes Andrew Hamilton for Eureka Street.

A curious anomaly in the Mackenzie

29 June 2018 | Pat Baskett

The conversion of part of the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin to industrial scale dairying and beef farming is contentious for more than its location and scale. It raises issues that lie at the heart of the Government’s discussion paper Our Climate Your Say: consultation on the Zero Carbon Bill, writes Pat Baskett for Newsroom.

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